Sunday, September 25, 2005

October is coming, October is coming!

Hurry and get ready October 2005 is almost here! Are you ready for it? What do you plan to do for it? It will be here in just five days!
I am thinking of all kinds of things to do:
Take a fall foliage trip
Go to the Camp Booster dinner
Hit live music somewhere (Switchfoot 10/30)
Work on completing my hallway (it's now in print maybe it will get done)
Rework the entire fishtank
Work on Shangri-La before winter hits
Play the guitar every day...suddenly bar chords seem achievable
Buy and install new stove which will require running a gas line
Install a dishwasher
Install a new HD in my computer as well as a new CD Rom
Get a new ipod...Either a Nano, 40 gig or 60 this time Nano is leading the way (my ipod is being returned on it;s 2 year Cicuit City warranty and they will refund me my full purchase price and I can go buy another.
Go to Hawk Mountain and bird with Bill and Chet somewhere around the 9th
Finish work on the mentoring program
Plan the holiday program
Get the Low Ropes/CMAA Blog up n running
ok now I am tired and going to bed.
G'Nite-Love Tate


Kristen said...

Goodness! That is quite a list!

I pray you can accomplish all that and do it all with peace and happiness in your heart!

And incidentally, I think Sleep is fabulous, too!

Anonymous said...

a little ambitious, aren't we?