Thursday, September 15, 2005


with the morning came pure joy. not because of the sunshine or the hot coffee and crumb cake that awaited him...but for the fact that he was blessed to have another day to die to himself and let Jesus work thru him. there is no greater joy then to know Him.

Guitar Nite is hereby cancelled in lieu of Survivor's Guatamela episode that premieres tonight.
We will be having a MAJOR hot pepper fest with plenty of pizza. Everyone is invited. I think we will even sing Happy Birthday to the tot.
Kristen, James, Jeremy, Chopper 1, Rell and so on....everyone come on up to NJ; 505 Harrison Avenue, Collingswood. See you tonight.

Incidently I will be playing Fantasy Survivor just like y'all play fantasy football. On a quick glance I am going with Judd from NJ to end strong....let's say final 6.
Anyone named Judd from NJ....will finish strong.

Also if anyone has ever done any fall foliage trips me and the beautiful one will take any info you can give us.
Now go out there and LIVE LIFE!


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to my tot! Yea!

Speaking of fall foliage, I went on a trip with my family to Mt Vernon one fall and let me just tell you, gorgeous. I love the state of Texas, but it's lack of fall makes me dearly miss my Midwestern Home.

Jump in some leaves for me, Tater!

adam said...

Bring back guitar night.